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Esther Sze-Yen Chan

Hello! I'm Esther 思贤 (Sze-Yen) Chan. 

I listen to the stories of strangers, brave enough to share their struggles and dreams,

I am a storyteller at heart, but first - I look around, I get curious, I ask questions, and I listen. I listen to the footsteps and echoes in hallways, to the clatter of knives and woks, the slurp of noodles, the sizzle of a grill, the shouts of passion and pangs of hurt and buzz of life and silence of grief and...

Then I boil down these complex stories into simple dishes. I serve them back to the communities and cultures they came from, and have the flavors speak for themselves. And maybe even move them to action. 

I am a director, editor, videographer, and a storyteller who obviously has a deep love for food and  a passion for making this world a better, more wholehearted place. 


In the Meadows (2016)

Richard A. Lewis Memorial Film Award – Best Student Film of the Year

Colorado College Film Festival – Best Documentary Film and Best Editor

Selected for Docs without Borders - 2017 

Welcome to China Town (2015)

Colorado College Film Festival – Best Documentary Film


Associate Video Producer | The ONE Campaign

Video Intern | The Obama White House Office

Producer | Big Red Button | Singapore

Student Videographer and Photographer | Colorado College Communications Office


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